About JoAnne

JoAnne (she/her, they/them) is a lifelong stutterer and fat girl who grew up in a small southern Arizona town. You know, the kind where everything is always done a certain way and everyone fits neatly in a box. She quickly realized that LGBTQ+ was an acronym that happened in other places, and certainly not to someone force-fed a steady diet of bible verses and church youth group.

Today she’s openly queer and lives in Tucson, Arizona. She works in adult education, co-owns Fangirl Foundry, and volunteers with SCBWI, where she co-hosts a monthly KidLit Mingle.

JoAnne loves Chucks, BBC Sherlock, Doctor Who, and everything fuchsia. Her hobbies include graphic design, trolling her son, and searching for the perfect triple espresso. Iced, of course, with a splash of almond milk. No sweetener.